3 প্রকার। যেমন:

                                                1st Person          : I, We

                                                2nd Person       : You

                                                3rd Person       : He, She, it, নাম, বাকি সব



Subjective Objective Possessive Double possessive
I – Me – My – Mine –
He – Him – His – His –
She – Her – Her – Hers –
We – Us – Our – Ours –
They – Them – Their – Theirs –
It – It – It’s – ×
Rahim – Rahim – Rahim’s – ×


Narration 2 প্রকার

  1. Direct Narration
  2. Indirect Narration


She Said,                                  “I wrote a letter”

(Reporting verb)                    (Reporting Speech)

= She said that she had written a letter.


Direct Speech Indirect Speech
This That
These Those
Now Then
Here There
Today That day
Tomorrow The next day/ The following day
Yesterday The previous day
Last week The previous week
Next week The following week.
Next month The following month.
Come Go
Ago Before
Thus So


Person পরিবর্তনের নিয়মাবলীঃ 

Reported Speech এর First person [I, we] র্সবদা Reporting verb এর subject অনুসারে  পরিবর্তিত হয়|


  1. He said, “I have done it today.”         Answer: He said that he had done it that day.


Reporte Speech এর Second person [You] সর্বদা Reporting verb এর  object অনুসারে  পরিবর্তিত হয় |


  1. He said to me, “You have done your duty.”                                                          Answer:He said to me that I had done my duty.


Reported Speech এর 3rd person এর কোন পরিবর্তন হয় না ।


  1. a)I said to you, “He is conscious of his duty.”

 Answer: I told you that he was conscious of his duty.


Tense পরিবর্তনের নিয়মাবলীঃ

              Reported verb এর  Tense present বা  future হলে  reported speech  verb এর কোন পরিবর্তন হয় না । যেমন :



  1. Direct:Rahim says to me, “I can do it.”  Indirect: Rahim says to me that he can do it.
  2. Direct:Rahim will say, “I write a letter.” Indirect: Rahim will say that he writes a letter.
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